I’ve primarily taught development economics at the Undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels. My teaching evaluations have earned me placement in the University’s “List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students” several times. Here is a recent teaching statement.

Selected student comments below (all direct quotes, sometimes slightly adjusted for grammar):


  • Everything in the class was taught really well and effectively, while still keeping it interesting. 
  • Smart, funny, likeable. 
  • The instructor was very good at encouraging participation among students, and to get them to understand concepts through lectures in a stimulating way.
  • I was not sure what to expect out of this course, and to be honest it was not my first choice. I am happily surprised by how much I ended up enjoying this course and how much I truly learned and WANTED to learn about. I love when you can tell that a professor truly loves what he is teaching and wants to reach us as students and not just push us along through the course. Osman is an exceptional professor and I wish he taught more undergrad courses!
  • He enjoyed teaching the class and was passionate about the topic.
  • Great at explaining hard concepts and going back and forth with student discussion. 
  • Actually cared about the students learning.
  • Makes you care.


  • By far the best class I have ever been to.
  • Best professor ever!
  • I think this is my most favorite class so far.
  • He is the best instructor. He is able to explain sophisticated concepts in an easy style. 
  • Professor Osman is a very smart professor, he teaches us not just the theory also application in the real world. His class was never boring and I have so much new knowledge from his class. He is so easy going yet we all respect him and always attend the class, not because we have to but because we don’t want to miss the opportunity to hear new knowledge from Prof Osman. I think he is one of the best professors ever.


  • Extremely well-organized from beginning to end.
  • I loved the course! I learned a lot. The discussions, especially about how to organize RCTs was helpful and made me more creative. 
  • Gives important advice and shares personal experiences which helps us learn more.
  • He was amazing in explaining the concepts and I learned a lot of presentation skills from this lectures. 
  • The major strength of the course is the discussion at the beginning of each topic, where there is a claim, then possible explanations and classification into market failures, and finally discuss possible solutions and evaluations to the problem.