“Is It Who You Are or What You Get? Comparing the Impacts of Loans and Grants for Microenterprise Development
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, forthcoming, with Bruno Crepon and Mohamed El Komi


Exporting and firm performance: Evidence from a randomized experiment.” 

The Quarterly Journal of Economics2017, (132.2) ,551-615 
with David Atkin and Amit Khandelwal, (Editor’s Choice) 


PDF; DataSlides
Forbes, Council of Economic Advisors, Bloomberg, Trade Talks Podcast


“What Do Jobseekers Want? Comparing Methods to Estimate Reservation Wages and the Value of Job Attributes”
Journal of Development Economics, accepted, with Brian Feld and Abdelrahman Nagy,

Connections, Referrals, and Hiring Outcomes: Evidence from an Egyptian Establishment Survey
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, accepted, with Jamin Speer and Andrew Weaver


The Dangers of the Double-Bottom Line: A Poverty Targeting Experiment Misses Both TargetsJournal of Economics & Management Strategy, accepted, with Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman

PDF; Data

“Training and Subsidies vs. Pay for Results in Spurring Digital
Marketing Take-up and Small Firm Growth”

Journal of Development Economics, 2021, (Registered Report) with David McKenzie and Aminur Rahman


“Increasing Financial Inclusion in the Muslim World: Evidence from an Islamic Finance Marketing Experiment”
The World Bank Economic Review, 2021, (35.2), 376-397

with Dean Karlan and Nour Shammout,

PDF; Data


Measuring Productivity: Lessons from Tailored Surveys and Productivity Benchmarking.”
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with David Atkin and Amit Khandelwal,

PDF; Data


Follow the money not the cash: Comparing methods for identifying consumption and investment responses to a liquidity shock 
Journal of Development Economics, 2016, (121), 11-23
with Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman
PDF; Data


Bank-Insured RoSCA for Microfinance:
Experimental Evidence in Poor Egyptian Villages

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2014,S56-73 
with Mahmoud El-Gamal, Mohamed El-Komi and Dean Karlan


Working Papers

“The Demand for Mobility: Evidence from an Experiment with Uber Riderswith Peter Christensen, (May 2023) Resubmitted to Journal of Political Economy


“Big Loans to Small Businesses: Predicting Winners and Losers in an Entrepreneurial Lending Experimentwith Gharad Bryan and Dean Karlan, (May 2022) revise and resubmit at the American Economic Review


“Discrimination Against Women in Hiring
with Jamin Speer and Andrew Weaver, Revise & Resubmit at Economic Development and Cultural Change


“Overcoming Youth Unemployment in Egypt: Randomized Evaluations Showcase the Promise of Active Labor Market Programs” with Ahmed El-Sayed and Kevin Hempel (October 2018)



“Occupational Choice under Credit and Information Constraints” (Dormant, January 2014)


Works in Progress

“Intensifying Employment Support” with Bruno Crépon and Reham Rizk

“Improving Labor Market Outcomes with Job Fairs” with Bruno Crépon and Mona Said

“Supply vs. Demand in E-Commerce” with Aidan Coville and Caio Piza

“Expanding Access to Finance through Micro-Equity” with Kareem Haggag